Friday, June 8, 2012

Overcoming Google's "Not Provided"

Recently I learned via the Warrior's Forum how to semi-overcome the problem with Google Analytic's new "Not Provided" issue.  Now of course this isn't the ultimate fix, but it sure helps tell you where the "Not Provided" traffic is going.

Steps to track "Not Provided"

  1. Open Google Analytics and Select the Website in Question
  2. Select Traffic Sources --> Sources --> Search --> Organic
  3. Add a second dimension by clicking the [second dimension] button
  4. Select Traffic Sources --> Landing Page
  5. Add the search Not Provided in the search box and click return (this will filter all the other keywords)
You should now see the "Not Provided" with the accompanying landing page.   You still don't have the actual keyword used, but this will at least give you a better understanding of where people are going.


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