Friday, June 8, 2012

Google Analytics Not Provided

Keywords Be Gone!

Google in it's infinite wisdom decided to block organic keyword information from being displayed aka "Not Provided" in Google Analytics. 

Last year Google began encrypting search queries with SSL - Secure Sockets Layer as the default for users who are logged into their Google products like Gmail, Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Google+...

Google estimated that this would be under 10% of Organic searches.  This has resulted much more keyword data being omitted from displayed in Google Analytics.

Well I can tell you that at least for me it is already at 20% and climbing.  If Google+ grabs hold and people really start using it, that number will grow drastically.

Here is a great article on LunaMetrics that talks about the growth of "Not Provided".  It gets really scary if Firefox who owns about 25% of the market switches to https making there encrypted search their default.


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