Monday, January 2, 2017

Backlink Juice - Good Websites To Get Backlinks From

I have been looking for websites that allow you to create backlinks.

Do Follow Links allows you to create a company page.  They allow you to add a URL for your company as well as include URL in the description section.

Domain Authority of 22 allows you to create a company page.  They allow you to add a URL for your company as well as include URL in the description section.

Domain Authority of 39 allows you to create a company page.  They allow you to add a URL for your company as well as include URL in the description section.


NoFollow Links allow you to create a company page.  They allow you to add a URL for your company, but it's nofollow.

Domain Authority of 37

Profinder is a service associated with LinkedIn and it allows you to list your company. allows you to create a user profile.  They also allow you to add a URL, Facebook and Twitter accounts to it.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Local SEO: A Roadmap To Successful Local Ranking

Just launched a new book called Local SEO: A Roadmap To Successful Local Ranking.

You can find it on On my Amazon Tom Crandall Author Page.  The book goes into detail about Local SEO and citation building to improve local rankings.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Useful Programs to boost your SEO on Wordpress

FileZilla - This is a free program that allows you to upload/download files to web servers like Godaddy.

The info you would need is the host name, user name, password and port.  Godaddy would have that info if you hosted with them.

SpyFu - This is a limited free program that allows you to check out other websites and see where their traffic is coming from.  You can get a lot more out of it if you buy the paid version.

Screaming Frog SEO Spider - This is a fantastic tool that you can run on a website to see stuff like broken links and things like that.  Just started playing around with it.   This was the program I used to find my broken links.

Useful Wordpress Plugins

Here are some great Wordpress plugins I use
Ninja Forms and Ninja Popups - These are the plugins that I use for newsletter signups.
Social Count Plus - Allows you to display your social media accounts and how many followers you have.
Yoast SEO - Awesome on page SEO plugin.
Yuzo - Related Posts - Displays related posts
Contact Form 7 - Allows you to create forms for things like a Contact Us page.
Akismet - Helps prevent spam.

Monday, July 16, 2012

AuthorSure WordPress Plugin

AuthorSure WordPress Plugin

Ever wondered how people get their pictures to show up in the listing for a Google search.  This method is created by adding Google authorship markup language to a website.  As a wordpress user, it can be made even easier by using a Wordpress plug-in called AuthorSure.

AuthorSure makes it easy to implement Google’s authorship markup on your WordPress site. All you need to do is download and install the plugin, and then sign up to the free membership site to get access to tutorials to help you set things up perfectly on your site. AuthorSure works for single and multi-author sites, and can help you get your face to appear on your category, tag and other taxonomy archive pages.

Once Google has verified your authorship then you will starting building your Author Rank, which means higher rankings and your face ultimately appearing in the Google SERPs, which leads to a better clickthrough rate compared to listings without the faces showing (unless you look really scary in the Google Plus Profile photo!).

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Similar Posts

The Similar Posts Wordpress Plugin is an automated plugin that looks at Posts and adds other posts from your website that are related and links them.  This is useful for the reader to see other posts that have been written and can increase your SEO since it creates internal backlinks.  It hasn't been updated in quite some time, but it seems to work perfectly in the latest release of Wordpress.

Similar Posts also requires the plugin Post-Plugin library to be installed.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Best SEO Plug-Ins for WordPress

Right now I think the Best SEO Plug-ins for Wordpress are
  • Wordpress SEO by Yoast - Yoast knows Google and how to rank web pages.  Wordpress is a free plugin and everyone with a wordpress website should have this. To find out more check out Yoast's Website.
  • Easy WordPress SEO by Chris Landrum - Currently the website is up, but isn't active.  You can find out more about the program on the Warrior's Forums.  Easy Wordpress SEO is a premium plug-in and as such isn't free.  The current price is $35.

Monday, June 25, 2012

SEO Strategies

I just want to post something dealing with SEO Strategies.  I will be posting links to articles and forums where people talk about their SEO strategies that work for them.  Feel free to add your own.

1. SEO Strategy - Here is one I found on the Warriors Forum that I thought was pretty detailed.

Pinterest - Adding a Pin It Button To Wordpress or Blogger

Pinterest is a new player on the scene in the social network space.  The website has exploded and is becoming a huge player. 

Pinterest is a virtual pinboard. Pinterest allows users to organize and share images and video found across the web.  Users can search for and browse pinboards created by other people to discover what other people are pinning. 

The Pinterest Pin It functionality allows you to Pin anything that catches your eye: cool pictures, great articles, or fun finds!  A Pin (basically a bookmark) can be added by visiting a website by clicking a Pin It button.  The Pin It buttons are similar to a Like for Facebook or a Tweet This for Twitter.  Each pin added using the Pin It button links back to the site it came from.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

WordPress Permalink Settings

When setting up a new Wordpress Blog website the default permalink setting looks something like this

The problem with this structure is visitors will have a hard time remembering the actual URL since the URL contains just a number. It is also not very SEO friendly, since the actual URL will not contain the keywords you're looking to rank for.

I see a lot of Wordpress websites where the URL has dates in it.  Is this a good permalink setting?

Normally the sites that should employ this type of permalink structure would be news sites, where a date might help in organizing material.  It has also been known to lower traffic and CTR from older search results.  When people see an older date in the URL, they may not click on the link, since they think the link is old or out of date.