Thursday, June 14, 2012

Long Tail Keywords

A “Long Tail Keyword” is a set of keywords grouped together to form a phrase.  The opposite of these long tailed keywords are Head Terms, which are short, phases such as "Weight Lifting" or "Hula Hooping". 

In general, Long Tail Keywords consist of between three to five words and should be relevant to your site or the article being written. The advantage of using a Long Tailed Keyword approach is there isn't as much competition, thus it is easier to rank for.  When coming up with these longer keywords, make sure they are relevant to your website and niche.

Since Long Tail Keywords are highly specific, and draw less traffic, they tend to draw more quality hits to an article or page, which leads in more conversions if products are being sold.

When optimizing websites or articles, the first step prior to writing them should be to perform  keyword analysis.  Using the Long Tail Keyword approach should help you rank high once the article or webpage is written.  There are various tools out there that will perform Long Tail Keyword searching, however many of the good ones cost money.  In the future I will be adding the the list, but if you have some that you like simply comment and I will add them here.
Advantages of Long Tail Keywords
  • Avoid direct competition from big sites or competitors
  • Long Tail Keywords searches result in increased sales potential
  • Results in highly targeted traffic


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Long-tail keywords can be beneficial to get traffic than short tails keyword. Avoid capacitive your keywords if you want your site to be directed to Online users.

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